New Artwork/Obra Nueva: Herbal Alchemy.

Herbal Alchemy_pequena

Herbal Alchemy by Mariana Palova (c) 2018.


New artwork revealed! It’s been a loong time since I made a non-comissioned artwork (two years, actually). I’m so happy with this coming back! ♥ This piece will be part of the Infinite Worlds- The Art of the Fantastic exhibition in Austin, Texas, and I’m so proud of sharing the space with so many talented artists!
You can find the process of this artwork and many other creative content of my art in my Patreon ♥

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¡Nueva obra revelada! Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que hice una obra que no fuese bajo comisión (dos años, de hecho). ¡Estoy muy feliz con este regreso! Este cuadro será parte de la exposición Infinite Worlds- The Art of the Fantastic, la cual se inaugurará en Austin, Texas, el día de mañana. ¡Estoy muy orgullosa de compartir espacio con tantos artistas talentosos!
Podrán encontrar el proceso de esta pieza y muchos procesos creativos de mi arte en mi Patreon:  ♥

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April News #2: Editorial Projects

Hello everybody! This is my first post in english! And I’m really nervous, because I’m well aware that my grammar is not the best (I mean, not yet, LOL), but It seems that, due to my book’s launching in the U.S.A., I must improve it and start to write for all my english-speaking readers. (Soon, my website will be translated too). If you find a mistake, please! Go ahead and tell me!

Anyway! I just wanted to give you some great news!

First of all, I’m very proud to announce that my artwork is now featured (and also, used as a cover!) in The Ascendant, vol. 2, the official journal of the Association for Young Astrologers.

The issue will be launched in May, during the United Astrology Conference in Chicago, and I must to say, that is a beautiful and highly rich in content and art, created by several artists, writers and astrologers. You can pre-order the issue now by clicking in the image below.

Thanks to Nicholas Civitello for the amazing invitation, it’s an honour to be part of this beautiful project!

AscendantV2_cover (1)

Also, this month, I worked as artist with the amazing spanish editorial Cerbero, a phenomenal team that is rocking the editorial world with their proponsals about pocket books of sciencie fiction, horror and fantasy. (Also, their concept is great!) Here are the covers:

And the application of the cover titles and logo.

I’m currently open to comissioned work, so, if you want to work with me in any illustration project, please contact me to:

Thanks for your support, Nation!